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Music by Rob Roeder

Music I've written and produced:

Anything I've produced is generally also available in 2 minute, 60 second, 30 second, 15 second, and stinger edits, and as bed tracks, no percussion, and bass and drums stems / submixes.

( Click here for Trio Verde versions of my songs, Click here for PSAs ).

Vocal jazz/blues , ( Aubrey Hays sings on these, everything else is me ):

Groovy surf rock:

Rockin' Swing:

Car chase score for a 1960's style spy movie:

Ominous, sinister underscore:

Positive, confident underscore:

Classic swing:

Funk with horns:

Melodic guitar rock instrumental:

( Click here for examples of stems, edits, and remixes )

Vintage funk:

Dreamy guitar rock instrumental:

Music I've written and produced for Trio Verde:
( Jessica Green, vocals, Monte Mann, Guitar, Aaron Lack, drum kit ).


Jessica Green sang the jazz version.

Joe Barkan sang and played guitar on this one.

JK Jones MD, DMD - Bass, lyrics. Rob Roeder - Production, additional lyrics.

Katya Redpath - Vocal, lyrics. Rob Roeder - Production, additional lyrics.

Christine Chang Leyva - Vocals Rob Roeder - Vocals, production.

More by me:

Quick bass solo in a parking lot ;^)

EDM? Yeah!

Modern arrangements of traditional holiday music:

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