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Music Lessons

I first taught bass while attending BIT, the bass section of Musician's Institute in the late 1980's. I have taught at Austin Guitar School, ( I also wrote and taught their music theory class ), as well as occasionally through the University of Texas informal classes system. I have also worked as a teacher and support musician for National Guitar Workshop, I now teach bass, music theory, and songwriting / production from my home studio in the 78702 area, or by Skype, email me for more info & references.


Instructional videos now have their own page. ( Or just look at Rob's Bass Channel )

Back Issues of Rob's Bass Bulletin now have their own page too.

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I collaborate with Chris from Primeau Guitar Studio ( If you need lessons on regular guitar he would be happy to help! )

Here's my student Mazzy playing at one of Chris's student recitals:

"Good afternoon, just wanted to say I really enjoyed the lesson,
I believe you are the teacher to get me to the next level.
Looking forward to the next lesson.
Thank You so much"

"The guys I play music with were recently joking about what kind of Bass God had I been worshipping to because they have heard such as noticeable and fast improvement."

Links to some current and former students:

John Crowe of Geranium Drive:

Kelley Higgins formerly of Chasca:
Currently with Jazzline Conspiracy

David James of the Vinyl Revival:

Melanie Martinez formerly of the Lisa Hayes Band

and The Tiny Tin Hearts is now bass player for Ocean Of Stars:

It was an honor and a pleasure to teach Eli Roden of Drawing Back for several years. We played Charlie Parker's "Scrapple from the Apple" at the February '09 AGS show, (with Aaron Lack on drums):

I also enjoyed talking about music theory with Mark Douglas from Flash Boys

Jacob Hope played with The Royals, and
Aubrey Elenz's band:

and went on to play with The Bare Feat:

John K Jones is playing with Trey's Hombres

Clyde Browning formerly of Lixbox and both bass and guitar with Blue Cartoon,
Shiftless and the Grifters, now plays with L'Arsenal,

Shim Taylor was in Git, and is now playing with Muleshoe

I backed Scott Leever from Aqua Ape at National Guitar Austin.

Mason Jones of Retrospec is a former student.

So is Maurine Maclean from The Therapy Sisters.

I don't think they're related, but I also taught Doug Maclean of Blue Flame and Crash! Bam! Boom!

A long time ago, I taught Pat Fogarty of Pushmonkey

And not long ago, I taught Phil Morris of Dry County

I taught Ben Porter of Misspent Youth, winners of the Austin Music Network High School Battle of the Bands
and 2-time Best Kid Band at the Austin Music Awards.

I also still occasionally teach Pepe Gomez of One Way Out,

I was also privileged to teach Ann Messer , formerly of 7 Among Us:

and currently with Lixbox:

To book me directly or check out my references - click here and I'll put you in touch with some people who've taken lessons from me, or send you any other info you need.

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