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Bass Guitar

Recent substitute/short notice gigs:

The Melodic Drifters
The Mark Mercado Blues Project
High Fidelity
Austin Live Band Karaoke
Austin Party Band
Java Jazz
Manteca Beat
Romeo Vaughn
House bass player for Ted Hall's Blues Band Boot Camp
Good As Gone - one track from this session won the Bordeaux Wines songwriting contest.
Cody Jasper
Video Vamp
Laura Graf
Mark Chandler [ VERY short notice ;^) ]
Soul Machine
Steel Pan Trio
Divas & Cavaliers
Jesse Ellis
House bass player for Paul Klemperer's Jazz Jam @ Kick Butt Coffeehouse
The Iron City Soul Shakers
Drew Womack
Trey Stapleton Band
Paul Lidel
Hugh Fadal
House bass player for Ted Hall's Blues Church Jam
The Jazz Delegation
Lisa Escamia
Chase Cundiff

I'm currently a band member with:

Trio Verde



Tad Hillin Band

The Iron City Soul Shakers are on hiatus for now.

A (very) partial list of people I've played with previously:

Lunar Sue
Ted Hall
Van Wilks
Rainbow Bridge
David Spann
Too Blue
Slippery Fish
The Rave
Mr Fabulous
Mark Mercado
The Jazz Charlatans
Love Machine
Platinum Boulevard

And many more... Email to book me.